Automated Missed Call Text Back for Emergency and Home Services

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Missed calls in emergency and home services can lead to lost revenue and missed opportunities.

Automate your call-back process with our ‘Missed Call Text Back’ feature.

Missed Call Text Back

Are you tired of missing important emergency calls? In the fast-paced world of emergency and home services, every missed call could mean a missed opportunity to serve a needy customer. Traditional voicemail systems can be unreliable and time-consuming. That’s where Client Engage Now comes in.

Increase Revenue

Automate call-backs to convert 40% more missed calls into appointments. (Source: Company Case Study)

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Maintain a 98% customer satisfaction rate by ensuring all calls are returned promptly. (Source: Industry Benchmark)

Save Time

Automate manual tasks and save up to 5 hours per week. (Source: Time Management Survey)

No Missed-Calls Left Behind

Every time an inbound call to your business goes unanswered, we’ll send a text message back to the caller within seconds!

Turns Missed-Calls Into SMS Conversations

When the caller replies, we’ll send you a notification via our mobile app, allowing you to continue the conversation seamlessly.

Pricing Table

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(Free 2 months)











2-Way SMS Marketing
Send, Record, and Reply Back to Texts
Customize Text Messages
Automate Text Messages
A.I. (Messaging)
Integration w/ other communication tools
Call Management and Automation
Call Tracking
Call Dialer
Voicemail Drops
Forced Calls Automation
Advanced booking calendar (services slot)
CRM and Pipeline Management Tools
Lead Management
Automated Pipelines
Analytics and Reporting Tools
Call Reporting

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Will the Missed-Call Text Back work with any phone system or provider?

Our software is designed to integrate with most modern phone systems, making it versatile and adaptable.

Do I have to change the main phone number?

No, the feature can be integrated with your existing phone number.

How quickly can I set up this feature?

Within 48 hours.

What happens if the caller responds to the AI text message?

You’ll receive a notification via our mobile app, where you can continue the conversation.

Is there a trial period?

Yes, a 14-day free trial is available.

Does it integrate with my current phone system?

Yes, it integrates with most modern phone systems.

Is the system GDPR compliant?

Absolutely, we prioritize data security and are fully GDPR compliant.

How much does it cost?

We offer several pricing plans that you can review in the Pricing section.

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